Greetings From Our Nursery

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Our 50th Anniversary Year in Business!   Wow, thats a long time to be around.  We are really happy to be doing something we enjoy.  For the past 50 years nothing has been more satisfying than simply watching our trees grow. We would like to say “Thank You” to all of our customers over the years. In today's world, that idea rings true more than ever. Go out on a limb and help the environment. Celebrate the goods things in life by planting a tree!

Service: The only things that gets better treatment than our trees are our customers. The obligation is ours. The benefit is yours. A well satisfied buyer of our trees is our most valuable asset.

Quality: We know how to grow plants based on years of experience. Our trees have ample root balls for a quick rebound. Look at our trees and see the difference.

Nursery Grown: Anyone can sell a plant, but it is much harder to grow one. It takes a lot of skill and patience. Our evergreens and shade trees are produced at our nursery.

Knowledge: We have three horticultural degrees with over 100 years of cumulative practical experience to back our expertise. We have learned the lessons and mistakes so you will not.  We will sell you the correct plants for your needs.

Value: Good plants are a wise investment. They will increase your property value. What else can you buy which appreciates in value and grows larger with no added risk to yourself?  Great nursery stock returns it cost very quickly.

Potted Norway and Colorado Spruce
We sell these also as plantable live christmas trees

Colorado Blue Spruce
We plant 10-12' specimens such as these

Staccato Rhododendron
This cultivar is a real knockout

'Denia Pixie' Oriental Lily
A summer bloomer with great appeal

Skyline Honeylocust and Autumn Blaze Maple
Excellent fall color

Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn
Nice seasonal winter interest

Bright Red Tulips
Spring is finally here

Beaver Dam Downtown Market
A nice fall day to sell

Mango Meadowbrite Coneflower
Nice Summer blooming

Ornamental Grass
Blue sky and sunny days


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